Last day in Edmonton 
Sunday, January 25, 2009, 09:01 PM
Posted by Administrator
The last day of the record is usually a pretty action packed one, it always seems to be the day when the last few harmonies, keyboard parts, guitar overdubs and that essential flugelhorn part the record is crying out for and wouldn't sound complete without, are thought up and added.

Also quite often the singer or the producer makes the call that the singer sounds so good we should probably re-cut that one verse of that particular song. This of course comes out so good that the whole song ends up getting re-sung and that generally segues nicely into a couple of others getting the same treatment.

Needless to say the last day of the Social Code record was no exception and to his credit Travis (and by that I mean the singer of the band and not me refering to myself in the third person) delivered admirably.

The record is really sounding great and tomorrow I'll be back in sunny California which I'm really looking forward to, though the local weather forecasters are threatening tomorrow will be a positively balmy -15 day in Edmonton.
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